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Face is a mirror to our personality. Our face speaks more than we do. It reflects our past, present and also future. The person could be considered gifted by lord if one has got good looking and impressive face but Do beautiful people have beautiful heart & beautiful life too? The human body and face are a development resulting from the operation of internal forces which determine the ultimate shape or form.

The first systematic account of physiognomy is attributed to Aristotle, although it may have been practiced by Pythagoras, Socrates and Hippocrates. This deals with character analysis and health ailments using facial features.

The term Metoposcopy is derived from the Greek word ''metopon'' meaning forehead. This is the method of assessing character and fortune from the lines on forehead. These lines enables a face reader to study the basic nature and its elements along with some relationship issues and divinity of a person.

The theory of Phrenology was first put forward in Vienna by Dr. Franz Joseph Gall in 1796. Dr Gall argued that thinking affects the shape of our brain, which in turn affects the shape of our skull. He suggested that irregularities in the skull surface, called ''bumps'', ''faculties'' or ''organs'' could be used to evaluate a person's character. This section is all about assessing character from bumps on the head.