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Most numerological systems are based on the theories of the Greek Mathematician and Philosopher Pythagoras, who believed that the whole universe was ordered mathematically and that everything could be expressed in terms of numbers. Primary numbers 1 to 9 are thought to be of particular significance to all numerologists and form the basis of all numerological systems. It is a form of divination in which numbers exert an influence on every facet of our lives and personality.

In a way the four cardinal directions play an important role in our life similarly there are four numbers which influence our day to day life patterns There are four key numbers which rule our life that is:- Destiny, Talent, Personality and Heart number which determine different aspects of a person's character and synchronisation of all four of them act as a Luck booster in life.

Some 4000 years ago WU of Hsia who became the first of the five mythical emperors of China, was working on the Hwang HO (Yellow) river, trying to find way to prevent the flooding that regularly devastated the communities sited along the lower and middle streams of river. Wu came across a tortoise shell which is considered a highly auspicious omen as the people believed that God lived inside tortoise and turtle shells. This tortoise shell had extra-ordinary markings on it. Wu and his colleagues discovered that the tortoise shell contained a perfect, three by three magic square on its back. This square is known as LO SHU GRID. This square was remarkable because every horizontal, vertical and diagonal row added up to fifteen. Fifteen is the number of days between the new moon and the full moon. The number five was regarded highly in ancient china and this magic square contained a five in the central position. Lo shu grid is designed as per the birth details of a person.

According to the date of birth of a person his/her life is divided into periods which experience the influence of the subtle forces shaping their development, progress and retirement in that order. Life path numbers are calculated from this period which form the basis of numerology.

Character makes people what they are. Their actions and experiences make them happy or the opposite. Character develops over time. Influence of numbers make one act or behave in a certain manner which signifies the character. The entire character is beautifully explained by studying numerology reports of a person. Power, Position, Partnership, Love, Talents and various other fields are highlighted with the help of numbers.

Like we have zodiac chart, numerical chart is also prepared to calculate Pinnacles, Personal year and Current year along with birth force periods to define the talents and potentials of the person and the type of opportunities he or she is likely to get in life.

The position of stars and elements along with numbers are studied in detail to project a complete report on connection of lucky as well as unlucky factors affecting your business.