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''The hand is the organ of organs, the instrument of instruments'' - Aristotle

Palmistry is the art of hand reading. A person's hand is eternal and horoscopic mirror designed by Lord Brahma. Each hand registers and reveals different aspects of our lives. The left hand reveals information about childhood years, inherited tendencies and congenital health. The right hand reveals the public persona of individuals and show how they present themselves to the outside world. This hand represents the conscious self and the mature adult.It gives information about our health and the progress of events in our lives.

This section deals with the shapes of our hands.

This section deals with lines and signs in hands.
Our hands can express so much of who we are. It is because of the special relationship between the human hand and expressions that hand analysis can be a valuable tool to help us understand love and relationships. In addition to expressing through touch, the hands also reveal who we are symbolically.

When we combine the word Astro with Palmistry, we mean the science which deals with the nature of a subject, his fate and his character as influenced by the position of the planets on the palm. The position of planets as placed in the horoscope can be checked and verified from the mounts and lines.

Our hands hold vital clues about the state of our health. Science has shown that people are predisposed to certain type of illness and a connection exists between our hands and our health. Our palms contain a vast concentration of nerve endings and they are super registers of nervous responses and bio chemical messages.