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There is no full proof evidence that where tarot cards were first used but its been known that people in Italy used to play with these cards and then these were brought by gypsies to Europe and other places. Then gradually these cards started being used for meditation and concentration and also for prediction. As most of the pictures are having ancient symbols quite similar to Egyptian symbols, many readers believe that tarot cards were originated by Egyptians. Tarot cards are nothing but the medium to channelise the cosmic energies to get guidance out of your question or confusion. The Tarot card deck contains 78 picture cards which are unlike our playing cards. In this deck there are two divisions: MAJOR ARCANA and MINOR ARCANA.
Major Arcana contains 22 cards whereas 56 cards of Minor Arcana are divided further into 4 divisions of 14 cards each.

This Tarot card show immense insight in the readings of our wants and yearnings. This card informs us about our physical, emotional as well as sexual personality. It is supposed to be an aid which helps us discover our own true self.

Its incredible fact to believe that we are carrying various energies in our own name and surname. Combination of numerology and number on tarot cards reveals the connection of energies with our name as we know that each alphabet is associated with some number.

Tarot card Symbols and their meanings have a beautiful similarity with our zodiac signs. Tarot card give an insight about each and every section of our life. In some cases actual time of birth is not known to many. Tarot card astrology spread is used to find out the horoscope of a person which proves to be quite accurate.

When we talk about past life, we got to believe in reincarnation. We strongly believe that souls never die, It only changes its form, from one body to another. It also carries its nature and habits to some extent to its next life. To understand past life we got to believe in theory of karmas too as ''What you give is what you get''. A particular Tarot spread is laid to analyse past life regression.