Geeta Chachi is a treasure chest full of wisdom, humor and empathy. Whenever I have had problems, she is the one I would turn to for advice. She has a unique ability and instinctual knowledge to cut right through the heart of the matter thanks for that magnificent reading – answers to my questions couldn't have come a lot better or clearer than that - and it all resonates. She is the clearest interpreter an explainer I know. I was kind of surprised how the cards know me so well. I shall definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a reading.

Financial consultant
New York Life Insurance

Geetanjali is a consummate professional. It has and always be a pleasure to work with her. I think in my entire life I feel her readings are the most accurate and have helped me a lot. Thanks a lot for everything and being there as a friend and an accurate astrologer. My belief in her gets stronger by the day.


Geetanjali is a name you can trust when you think of Astrology or any other sciences like this. She has been a great help to me and my family. She is always interested in learning new things which makes her profession very well updated with the latest developments taking place in the field of occult sciences. I wish her all the very best for her bright future.

Sneh Foods

I used to be very confused in my work and was not able to concentrate. All business deals were going against our company plans and things were in a very bad shape. I knew something was wrong somewhere. My family and personal life was in a mess. It was only after I got to know about MRS GEETANJALI MEHRA things started moving towards positive side. Her analysis and reading were quite accurate and stone combinations and suggestions from her got fancy results Now I make sure I consult her for all important tasks. Astrology was something I never believed in but now after getting visible results I just cannot stay without guidance from her.

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I never believed in astrology and other palm sciences ever before till I met Mrs Geetanjali... her predictions are precise and make u face to face with your inner self. I was amazed with the facts she told me about my life and predictions she made for future have come true to a large extent. I wish her all the best.


I am so thankful to God as because of his grace only I have met Geetanjali maam. With her Astro science she has really helped me in pulling myself out from that sad phase of my life. I really don't have words to express myself, all I want to say is Thank You and wish her luck and success.

Air Force

Sun sign forecasts of sun and other planets in our zodiac sign, at our birth reveal our personality and temperament. We will not come to know its role which is shaping our destiny. We could have never come to know about it without YOU. Thanks for warning us and giving remedies.

RM & Associate Vice President

Thank you so very much Geetanjali for your guidance & support Ur calculations regarding my daughter's birth was bang on!!! I really appreciate your calculations regarding my career path. I got promotion in Oct '09. My son Bhavyam & wife Bhavna are doing all the remedies as suggested by you & by the grace of Almighty, both of them are in high spirits Once again I thank you for your patient listening to all my queries.

Senior consultant; Department of pedodontics
Indira Gandhi Govt. Dental College, JAMMU

She is a Dear Friend, Philosopher and a True Guide who make you see things in the right perspective and guide you towards the right path, a path full of positivity, hope and sunshine. This all leads you to a greater bliss and contentment in life. I met her and my experience was great. I have to say few words for her-

Sun, moon, planets, cosmos & constellations;
Sniggle & wiggle with your premonitions;
You play with them as if riding a stallion ; Or a commandant guiding a battalion…
Bless us with your magical wand; To ooze out precious droplets from a desert sand;
Be my messenger to the Lord Almighty; although hungry for his Bliss, yet am his sincere piety…
Thank you dear friend and God Bless keep on spreading this sunshine.

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Software Engineer, Hewitt Associates

It’s my pleasure to pen down a few words for Geetanjali maam. Two years ago, I was going through a rough patch in life and that’s when I was introduced to her by a common friend. Initially, I was a little apprehensive about going in for an astrological consultation, however, after speaking to Geetanjali maam over the telephone, my fears and concerns were allayed. In fact, I was curious and wanted to understand more about astrology, hoping that it would help me know more about myself.  Since that day, it has been a journey of continuous learning and We have discussed on various topics and had long debates from our own individual perspectives. It has always been a healthy debate and I have come out feeling wiser on the topics under discussion. When it comes to astrology, she did a lot of study on my astrological chart as it was one of the most complicated but whenever I had any doubt or question or faced with any setback, she was always there to guide and advice me.  She is a person who is vibrant, vivacious and possesses in-depth knowledge about astrology. She is very down to earth & humble. I was really touched by her gesture of visiting my place last Christmas with her husband Col. Rohit Mehra. I wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

Indo Scientific and Surgical Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Geetanjali Mehra has been associated with astrology for many years. For a person who never believed in past history or predictions she has just changed my outlook towards the future. It so happens that I do not start anything new till I do not consult her. Her precise information on good and difficult times has helped me in preparing for the future. It gives me pleasure to refer her to my friends. I wish her all the best for her future.

R G V Events

It's a pleasure being associated with Geetanjali. Her tips are very useful. I have followed few of her guidelines which have worked wonders for me. I wish her more success.

Executive assistant to CEO
NDTV Imagine Ltd

I never actually believed in Astrology or gemstones or tarot cards but when I was introduced by my friend Suhas to Geetanjali who came across as a wonderful person who has a lot of depth and knowledge about the study of astrology, numerology, gemstones and others. One can count on her more as a friend more than depending on her professionally. Going by her resume she has done study in about 44 fields and that what makes her stand out as someone having a world view on the occult sciences. Predicting one’s future is a major task and thought I believe only God Knows and writes my future. Geetanjali has a unique way with her gemstone therapy, colour therapy and the other studies related to Astrology to have given me something to depend upon and help when it is needed most. I wish her all the very best and all success .


I wanted to thank you for your help and consideration during the time I've really needed it, As you gave me much needed relief from anxiety about various issues as well as opened my eyes to other areas in my life. You are an amazing and talented person. I appreciate the time and thought you put into your work and it was very insightful and it helped me tremendously. So always be in touch as I'm anxious as always, to get my update.

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When Geetanjali came for a salsa workshop, that a friend and me conducted in Jammu least did I know that I was going to meet someone who could guide me in life when I came to know that she is a renowned astrologer I could not stop myself from consulting her as my family and me have been facing rough times for a long time like financial problems, health problems unhappiness in life etc. I approached her with great expectations and I was rewarded with a lot more. She advised my mom and me about our lives and what we should or should not do. As I can speak only for myself she asked me to wear a ruby in combination with an emerald that I had already worn. She told me a lot about my future and what it holds. Most of it coming true within a month of wearing the ring and within a month’s time. I recovered from an injury faster than expected and won Dance Premiere League. Thanks to her, my life is changing for the better. God bless you and thank u for everything.

Senior Manager, IT

It amazed me how knowledgeable Geetanjali was about my particular life situation. She asked me all relevant questions and we discussed my professional as well as personal life and even talked about how certain people close to me are affected by my behaviour. Her explanations revolving around the questions I asked were quite applicable to my everyday life. She remembers all my details at her fingertips and there have been many times since my interaction with her, that she has recalled a certain subject we discussed and it has helped me cope with the situation or understand why it may be happening the way it does.


To turn a non believer into a believer of Astrology or occult sciences requires some mettle and an in depth knowledge of the field. That’s exactly what Geetanjali, my wife has done for me. I am amazed and awestruck at the perseverance and dedication with which she has enhanced her knowledge of occult sciences. I being closest to her can vouch that she leaves no stone unturned and actually burns midnight oil to enhance her knowledge in the field. She has been a thorough professional and makes it a point to give that personal touch to her clients. There has never been a ‘NO’ from her whenever a client has called up on any issue or clarification. She is a charming personality and has never ever neglected her domestic commitments at the cost of her profession. I am extremely proud and lucky to be her husband and am looking forward to her achieving pinnacles of glory and providing relief to her clients in whatever way she can.


This is to place on record my pleasure and happiness on hearing the news of launch of your own website. The profile that you made on my son Sumit's birth and the guidance you have since given have been a beacon of light for us. We wish you the very best on your successful and fruitful venture.

Senior manager ICICI securities Ltd, Mumbai

Geetanjali has been practicing astrology and giving consultancy to clients professionally since 2005. She is definitely a rising star in the field of astrology. Geetanjali holds a long standing membership of many major astrological professional organizations. Over the years, I have referred Geetanjali for her opinions & have felt uplifted, satisfied & confident because of her unique insight. Her guidance and referred gems have helped me grow professionally and have given me a peace of mind and satisfaction.

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I know Geetanjali for the last 9 years and since then have been impressed by her keen eye which sees thru the lines on the hands. On many a occasion she has rightly told about the things which changed my life. This hobby of hers which was initially for the friends has developed into a well researched study and made her even better as a scholar of the old Indian science. I have found her studies to be very correct and useful. Not only the study but the remedy thereafter too has been very helpful. Now that she is starting her own Website. I wish her the very best in life and assure the customers to be rest assured of her in depth knowledge on ASTROLOGY which will be like a BOON to those believing in it.


Perfect is the word that’s perfect for you
Everyone looks forward to meet you;
You stand out in a crowd
You are humble never proud;
Astrology is your goal
Which means a lot to you;
People discuss problems with you
Nothing is difficult for you;
As god’s blessings are always with you


Geetanjali is a person to chase her dreams and make it happen. I wish her all the best for her new site. She is an upcoming astrologer and does her work in quite efficiently.

Programmer Take 1 Channel

It’s a pleasure for me to write a testimonial for a person like Geetanjali Mehra an Astro Palmist, I happened to interview her in one of the talk shows on Take one TV, there after I got so much influenced by her personality that, I contacted her personally and consulted her. She is an excellent astrologer, she had solution to all my problems and the best thing I liked about her is she talks scientific which convinces and satisfies her clients. At such a young age her knowledge base is as deep as Ocean, she has knowledge about Vedas, mantras, stones, numerology, nameology, vaastu, Tarot cards. She is a complete package. I really consider her as my spiritual guru; she changed my view towards life. She is such a positive and good soul that after meeting her, I am all together a changed person, I have consulted many astrologers but, I found her the best, her reading is really accurate. As a person she is down to earth, humble, cool and loving. She is an awesome person and a learned Astrologer.

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My mom is a virtuous astrologer. She taught me Tarot card reading and doodling. She is very straightforward and down to earth person with her clients and has the reply to all their queriesShe practiced Tarot cards with me to make me feel confident. She is very considerate to everyone. I love her and want her to be the world famous astrologer.


I found Geetanjali very friendly and warmhearted. Suggestions given by her were very well sought and scientifically explained. The tips given by her can be easily followed and has been very helpful. Cheers to her and a heartfelt good luck.


Geetanjali is extra ordinary with her predictions. She is very accurate and goes out of her way to help anyone. I don't take any major decisions without consulting her and she has always come out positive for me. I thank her for the support.


Geeta, my sister, astrologer and guide... u r the best (Niidhi). It is difficult to beat perfection and excellence Geeta is both... its getting really difficult to beat u now... I m still trying (Akash) All the very best, hope u reach higher then Akash (SKY)... aise hum dua karenge.. keep it up. Geeta ke sath Anjali mil jaye to banta hai DIAMOND (Geetanjali diamond jewellery) and as every1 knows Diamonds are for ever.


I give my heartfelt thanks to Geetanjali for her accurate astrological prediction and advice. Her suggestions has given me the peace and success. I wish that she grows day by day with her youthful ways, enterprising thinking and leadership qualities. She has been the best in whatever she has done. I wish her all the very best. I am sure she will be recognized in all the brightful opportunities.

Consultant, IT

I know Geetanjali from almost 15 years. We have had such great times together. She is multi-talented. She has very good knowledge of astrology right from traditional birth chart reading to runes reading vastu, palmistry and gemology. And of course she is also a good guide to help you solve your issues. What I admire most about her is her learning, lively and positive attitude. She is constantly learning new things and upgrading herself in tune with modern times. She is a great friend and a guide too.

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First of all I would like to congratulate you on the launch of your website. I am positive that you will do extremely well. Secondly I would like to thank you for all the guidance you have provided to me over the last couple of months. You are very insightful and it is obvious that you have a good understanding of the science of Astrology. I wish you all the very best.


Geetanjali is a guide to make my life worth. Her true guidance and positive approach towards life helps not only to lead a healthy life but also made us think that life is too short to regret on past. She has helped me a lot to face all the difficulties. I thank her for being my mentor.


When I met Geetanjali I wasn't aware that we'll click so well & going to be such good friends. Our meeting has proved to be a blessing in disguise for me. She is such a positive, helping & knowledgeable person that one feels so good and secured in her company. I am a firm believer in astrology & was quite confused about certain things in my life & she has gone out of her way to make me understand the situation exactly. It is really nice to have somebody who can guide you whenever the need is, small things in our daily life which otherwise go unnoticed have so much of effect in our lives..... she has showed me & i can totally trust her & rely on her. Things have positively changed after her guidance & I congratulate her on launching her website.... I really admire her for balancing her life so very well.

Supply Chain Manager
Star CJ

Geetanjali Mehra (Di....) has uncanny dexterity to decipher occult sciences. She is a well known member of AIFAS (All India federation of Astrological Societies) having expertise in 44 different research & specialised fields of occult sciences. She has attended lot of symposiums both national and international. Professionally she has the knack to bring out obscure traits of human being. Personally she is jolly, vivacious, perfect wife & mother all in all gem of a person. She is on the acme of her professional life and very soon she will be an author too, I congratulate on her website launch on occult sciences & wish her "All the best" for her future endeavors.

Event Consultant/Actor

It has been a pleasure to come across an astrologer who's approach is scientific and logical and who is genuinely involved in your well being. With practical solutions to ones issues. Geetanjali is indeed my best friend. :-). Do keep spreading happiness n helping people prosper. All the best.

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Indian Instruments Manufacturing Company

This beauty with brains makes her presence felt wherever she goes. A superb person to be with..she listens to you so carefully, without judging you while doing so.... and invariably gives advice which is 100% genuine and effective too. Advices you by herself, at times even when you least expect it!!!!Easily one of my dear one! She's close to what I call a woman of substance. And yes, full of Energy and Positive Vibes! Shine like a star… God Bless!


Geetanjali, I want to wish you all the very best and a very sincere congratulation for your own website. The absolutely best part about you and your work is that your approach is both holistic and so very humane. Your vast and eclectic knowledge of your field is put to such good use by you that after talking over things/problems with you one feels totally satisfied and reassured. Your predictions and assessment of a situation are always totally correct and your solutions are quite simple and do-able. Thank you for all your help always. The world needs such understanding and committed people as you!!


Our heartiest congratulations on the launch of your website!! May you touch higher and higher peaks of success!! Our best wishes will always be with you!! All the best for your future.

Asha Creative Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

It was only last year that I happened to speak to this talented lady who was introduced to me by my very close friend. I just missed the kiss of success and was under immense pressure, tension and virtually in a state of depression. When I consulted Geetanjali I was wearing some gemstones to turn my luck around, but to my surprise when she told me that I have to remove them as they were adversely affecting me and then recommended me to wear a different stone which I did. She said that negativity was at its peak but it will take time and I will have to have patience. And there was a change the change really helped me and I started taking things more in the right sense and my approach started to be positive and the changes I could see within me. I was amazed when she said that I will receive a call from the people who had written me off - work which was to make or break me and to my utter surprise I received a call. Since then I understand and believed that astrology is a therapy but you also need the best of the doctors to cure you and thanks to Geetanjali as I feel I am in safe hands. She is not only an astrologer but more than that she is a beautiful person and a great human being. I am proud to say that I have a friend in Geetanjali and not to forget Rohit. May God bless her and she keep simplifying peoples’ lives. A men.

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We know Geetanjali since 2001. She is superbly creative, dynamic and brave, always thinking out of the box and can surprise you with her lovely ideas. She is a great astrologer and a numerologist. Though sitting miles and miles away, she has been guiding me and my husband through horoscope reading and numerological skills. Her remedies really worked well for both of us and we keep consulting her very often, even on a slightest issue. She has been very forthcoming with a personal healing touch. She is very thorough in her reading and studies all the aspects before advising on anything. We would strongly recommend all of you to feel free and consult her on any issues troubling your mind or souls. Everyone does astrology but anyone who does it with a personal touch, indulgence and involvement can only read the correct thing and predict accurately. We are highly impressed and are sure that you too will be!!!! "Geetanjali is definitely one of the best astrologers of her generation. Not only does she have the ability to make accurate forecasts but she also provides appropriate guidance and options conforming to needs and situations. She is a true professional with compassion and a higher sense of responsibility." We both wish her success and luck with her new web page project and hope that more and more people get her perfect advices.

Madhwa Textiles Processors Pvt. Ltd.

We have known Geetanjali since she started seeing the horoscope as a hobby. She gathered in depth knowledge in this field because of her sheer passion and hard work. Our experience with her has been very fruitful & prediction very accurate.


I 'm so happy to know that Geetanjali is releasing her website. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is very much like her...... befitting her dynamic personality. In fact on Solar eclipse day when there was live discussion happening on Star News on astrology or no astrology. I really missed her absence. She should have been there. All my wishes are always be with her. With the kind of knowledge, personality and passion she has…She is bound to flourish... be successful and very popular. God bless her endeavor.

Content & Communication Head
Big 92.7 FM

Mrs. Geetanjali Mehra is not just an astrologer but she is more like a friend and a guide. I feel her predictions are almost correct and the way she explains things is amazing. The remedies she suggests are also simple and easy to do. I feel very positive and happy after consulting her. I wish her all the best and solving problems of others.


A beautiful person who can truly make, not only me, but I guess all, she comes in contact with, feel…… ”All Is well”. An epitome of knowledge, positive energy, confidence, grace and charm, she makes astrology such a believable science even for the hardcore non-believers for eg. my husband!! I admire her ability to be able to connect with and be a helping hand to one and all. I can vouch that if you meet her once you would like to meet her again and then wonder why you didn’t meet her earlier. !! Kudos to you girl!


Geetanjali is a helpful astrologer who you can pour your heart out to. One is sure to find a solution to their problems with her knowledge and skills. She is a Keen and able person with precise predictions and encouraging results. My stones seem to be working already.

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Senior consultant, IT

I have just started exploring the science: Astrology. I consulted Geetanjali and the kind of impression I got was that she has done rigorous study of this science and is very honest. Her interpretation and personalized remedies (that actually work!!) will definitely give you an advantage to be prepared or at least reduce the ill effect of any dosh. "I will continue consulting her and wish her all the best in her life.”

Fashion Designer & Event Manager

I was in clutches of Lord Saturn [shanidev] which is like a havoc for all of us. My first two phases of sade sati affected me mentally as well as physically. Geetanjali was the person to make me feel better by her counseling regarding Saturn. It was all her belief in me and the divine sciences she was studying, my life went for a total transformation and entered third phase of sade sati with a peaceful and in a relaxed manner. She is for sure supported by divine powers to make her astrology click so well. I wish her all the very best for her bright future.


Geetanjali-You have an exceptional power for predicting the yet to come events. Everything you say is an affirmation and guide in difficult times. Your knowledge and insight are so incredible. You have a special talent and sensitivity for the work you do. Thank you for providing this thought provoking mirror turning astrological guidance. Your valuable advice has always seen us through all apprehensions and worries.

Kotak Securities, Mumbai

Holy God, Geetanjali is the sweetest, no nonsense person I've come across in this field. She has also an amazing insight. She was able to pinpoint my weakness without any fishing questions or suggestions. Absolutely amazing..... Blew me away.... I can honestly say that I've never come across a young astrologer so accurate. I think what sets Geetanjali apart from others is her honesty. She cares about what you are going through, she's not going to berate you as an skeptic I'm truly sold on her psychic ability. Thank you Geetanjali i feel hopeful & positive about everything.